Video is the Future of Content Marketing


More Bang for your Advertising Buck

Every website needs good content. Video is the future of content marketing in this digital world we live in. A small business with a tiny advertising budget can have a powerful web presence. It just takes a little creativity and knowledge of web tools that are available.

The Power of Digital Video

Video marketing has clearly arrived, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Just take a scroll through Facebook or Twitter these days. Video is EVERYWHERE! Businesses that are not using the power of video in Bowling Green, Kentucky, or anywhere else for that matter, are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

There are a lot of statistics floating around the internet showing the power of video. For instance, a visitor that watches a product video is 85% more likely to purchase the item. That’s a pretty amazing statistic, right? It’s also one that fluctuates some depending on where you look. The lowest percentage I’ve come across is 73% and the highest is 93%. This shows that even though products and companies differ in popularity, product videos still provide a massive sales boost when available.

An example of a product video for the Defiant Video Light found on Home Depot’s website. This product video was produced by Sublime Media Group in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


Online Ad Spending

The playing field has changed and it’s freaking people out. For fifty years, advertising was pretty simple. You ran an ad on television or radio, maybe put up a billboard, or utilized the newspaper to get your product/service out there. It was easy to find the most effective way to spend your advertising budget. The internet changed everything; it connected the entire world at the push of a button. The real game changer in advertising came in 2007, when Steve Jobs delivered the iPhone to the world. Now, almost ten years later, you can get media anywhere on countless devices.

Television, radio, and print are still effective channels for advertising, but they are not near what they used to be. There are countless ways you can spend money to attract eyeballs. The internet has made targeting people with ads more invasive than ever, and consumers notice. Regardless, the average user spends sixteen minutes watching online ads every month. This shows that a great video will cut through the content clutter. Video ads made up 35% of online ad spending for a total of $5.4 billion in 2016. Money is spent on video advertising because it’s powerful and it works.

No matter how big your advertising budget is… you still need a great video.

Tell Your Story

Let’s face it, your relationship with people determines how well your business performs. This is true for any business. With video, people can get to know your company. You put a face to your business. Using a content marketing technique will attract clients and customers through interesting content, instead of trying to interest them in your business with a sales pitch. Hopefully, they will like you before, during, and after they do business with you. Simply, knowledge of your business mission and trust in your company can separate you from your competition.

If you have a wonderful product or service, video is an amazing tool your business should be using. But don’t forget, it all starts with a great video. If you want a big return on your advertising investment, make a video that will further craft and shape your brand. Tell your story. Be genuine. Be real with people. Don’t waste your time and money with crappy content. Find a video service group that can produce innovative, original, and interesting stories for content marketing.

Content Marketing Video Experts

There are so many positives for the use of video for online marketing. If you are planning to use video to improve the quality of your website or social media pages, shouldn’t you use a quality video? Be unforgettable and get noticed. At Sublime Media Group, we are video experts and we can help. We will take an idea and run with it, or create an original concept just for your business. Find your perfect video solution with our long list of Sublime Media Group video services. Let’s change the game together.

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