5 Evergreen Social Media Tips That Work for Any Business

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A Social Media Presence is Essential in 2024

In 2024, having a social media presence is not just helpful to your business, but vital to it. This is the direction that digital marketing has been going for the past several years, and it will only expand from here. These platforms are a place to not only boost sales, but also foster community and brand loyalty.

While there’s no one size fits all approach, there are a few social media tips and tricks we have up our sleeve that can work for any business, regardless of industry.

Social Media Tip #1: Be consistent

Posting consistently to your social media pages is a key driver of results. Each platform’s algorithm ranks its accounts’ content in the feed partly according to how consistently and frequently they post. The goals of these algorithms are to present their users with the most relevant content possible. Consistency shows these algorithms the value you have to offer on the platforms.

Consistent posting also proves to your audience that you are actively working to provide them with information and entertainment regarding your business, which in turn builds credibility and trust. Your followers now know they can count on you to be present, and your presence in turn will keep your business top of mind for them.

Social Media Tip #2: Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience helps you build a community around your business. Make your followers feel heard! This means responding to comments and messages and addressing concerns online, as well as starting conversations yourself.

Social conversations can start with something as simple as a post with a question for your consumers in the caption or with the utilization of tools like the Poll and Quiz stickers in Instagram and Facebook Stories. When your followers feel like they have a place in your business, they’re more likely to stick around.

Social Media Tip #3: Be visually engaging

In a crowded online space where everyone is clamoring to be seen and heard, it’s essential to have eye-catching visuals that make people pause and look. Post a mixture of visual content types, including bold images, strong animation and quality video. This provides your page with professional validity and both grabs and keeps your audience’s attention.

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Social Media Tip #4: Capitalize on trends

The world of social media has a new trend (or few) every week. While hopping on trends can boost your engagement, it’s important to be selective with them. Don’t bend over backwards to make a trend work for you; take advantage of the trends that align with your business! If it can easily be adapted to fit your social media voice and target audience, then it’s a winner.

Social Media Tip #5: Position yourself as an expert

No matter what industry you’re in, you want to position your business as a leading expert in it. Your social media audience wants to know that you’re credible and trustworthy before working with you. You can achieve this by supplying informational and educational content that engages your followers.

Share what you have to offer that sets your business apart. Let your audience know that you’re aware of their challenges, and you have the power to overcome them. This fosters brand awareness and gives consumers a sense of what you could do to solve their problems without giving them the full power to achieve the solution without you.

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These five tips are a good starting point for any business’s social media content, but it takes more to really go the distance. When incorporating these ideas into your social media strategy, always attribute your knowledge of what works specifically for your brand and audience. 

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