Pest Control Commercial

Army Ants

Pest Control Commercial

Pest Control Commercial Production with Army Ant Puppets

Sublime Puppets, a division of Sublime Media Group, created two Army Ant Puppets for a Guarantee Pest Control commercial in Bowling Green, Glasgow, Scottsville and Franklin, Kentucky. Dave Hulteen Jr. designed both characters with original artwork. Dave is a long time friend and collaborator of Sublime Puppets. He is a co-creator of the web series, The Bang and Bump Show. Check out their youtube channel for a lot puppet greatness. https://www.youtube.com/user/HulGreenProductions

James Kemp Puppets

James Kemp built both characters. James has worked with Sublime Puppets for over four years, building and puppeteering custom characters for many projects. He once again did an amazing job bringing these two characters to life. James builds custom puppets for any project. You can find out more about his work at www.jameskemppuppets.com.

License Pest Control Bug Characters for your Market

Both ant puppets and our bed bug puppets are available for character licensing in your market. We have bookended commercials ready to be tagged with your business. If you are a pest control company looking to stand out, try an innovative commercial from Sublime Puppets. If you want something completely original, we do that as well. Reach out with an idea and we would love to work with you. Want a pest puppet that we currently don’t have? Our team would love to build a new insect puppet to make your marketing dream a reality. Contact us with any questions at [email protected]

Stand Out in Your Market

The pest control puppet campaign has been a huge success for Guarantee Pest Control. We hear every year that their call volume and profits are up from the previous year. Sublime Media Group’s creative team loves writing and creating original pest control ideas, using our Sublime Puppet pest characters.

Guarantee Pest Control Commercial “Pest Invasion”

Sublime Media Group’s latest commercial for Guarantee Pest Control stars two Army Ants on a mission to invade a home. The only problem is, the homeowners call in their allies before the attack. This ad was a blast to put together. We hope you enjoy it.

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