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Baby Dentures

Creative Nashville Video Commercial Production That Won’t Break Your Budget.

Are you looking for a Nashville video production company? What you should be looking for is a creative team that knows how to tell a story. Let’s be honest, cameras are becoming more and more affordable every year. Most video production teams can produce great quality video. To stand out, you need great quality video and a powerful message. At Sublime Media Group, we are content creators first and foremost. We know that if you make an awesome video, people will watch it, and that’s exactly what we strive to do for each and every client.

Video Advertisements

A video advertisement is meant to grab attention, generate interest, and get people excited about your product or service. When creating a video advertisement, the process is always a little different. First, we need to learn about your business. Experiencing the product or service first hand can be very beneficial to understanding your market and customers. Then, we head over to the drawing board. Our team will use a good balance of creative and strategy to create an unforgettable video advertisement for your company.

Wholesale Inc. “The Great Idea” Commercial

A recent commercial we produced for Wholesale Inc. in Nashville Tennessee has an outside of the box message that we absolutely love. We had a very short turn around time with this ad so we had to act fast Wholesale Inc wanted a something fun and memorable. The idea we used for this specific video advertisement was one we had been saving for the perfect client.

Two Words, Baby Dentures

This commercial opens with David, the main character, pitching a terrible idea at a business meeting. Baby Dentures. Seriously. Poor David gets laughed at by his colleagues as the narrator (who always knows best) states, “some ideas, aren’t so great.” We transition to David at Wholesale Inc. purchasing a very nice BMW. This time, his actual great idea is confirmed by our narrator, stating, “Buying a car at Wholesale Inc. is always a great idea.”

Sublime Media Group Nashville Video Production Services

“The Great Idea” commercial for Wholesale Inc. is currently running on Channel 4 in Nashville, TN. Our team was very happy with the finished product. Enjoy our latest skit-based video advertisement for Wholesale Inc..

Even though our primary office is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we work with agencies and companies in many of the surrounding cities, including Nashville, TN. We offer high quality creative video content at very affordable rates. If you have an idea you want executed or need a custom concept, just reach out. We would love to work with you.

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