Learning and Creating Through the Social Distance


Working Remotely from Home

Let’s be real. If you’re not used to it, working from home can be weird! COVID-19 has led to social distancing like we’ve never experienced before. The uncertainty of the future can get overwhelming, but there are ways to take control. In that spirit, the Sublime Media Group team has a challenge for you: use this time to learn or create something new. 

Maybe you’ve been putting off that Google Ads certification or you’ve always wanted to start a podcast but never quite had the time. Now is the perfect time to learn new things, create with new media, and add more tools to your tool belt so that once we are through this, you can hit the ground running. We’ve compiled a few free or low-cost resources so that you can get going as soon as you want.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda)
LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) offers many courses in software and web development, marketing, business, and design. These courses are taught by leading professionals in their respective industries, so you’re getting the best of the best! Better yet, they’re giving a one-month free trial to new users, so you can take advantage of all their content without having to pay upfront.

Google Skillshop
Get certified in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platforms. Learn all about running a YouTube channel. Dive into the Analytics Academy so you can better understand your data. Google Skillshop has a huge library of educational content that will give you the leg up in the long run. Don’t worry about paying a subscription fee, because Google Skillshop is all free, all the time.

Facebook Blueprint
Facebook Blueprint is a great option from Facebook for Business that Includes nearly 100 courses on marketing with Facebook and Instagram, placing better ads, and much more. The courses themselves are all completely free, and there are Blueprint Certification exams you can take (though there is a fee associated with them) to demonstrate your competencies.

Coursera offers thousands of courses from the top universities in the nation. You can choose to take a Specialization in the course, which will cost money, and you’ll get a certificate at the end. However, Coursera also offers the option to audit any course, allowing you access to all materials and lectures for absolutely no fee. From photography to writing to graphic design fundamentals, there is something for anyone!

We’re lucky to live in the digital age where we can access so much information with ease. Even though things may be tough now, learning and staying creative will keep you at the top of your game. Do you have other resources or tips to share? Let us know!  

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