I Need a Website Designed – What Should I Do?


The Purpose of a Business Website is to Sell Something.

Every business has a product or service they sell to customers. A good website should provoke a visitor (or potential client) to contact you. Then one day (hopefully) they will give you money for your product or service. A bad website can be a huge turn off for a client. A clunky or dated website can make your business lose credibility, seem out of touch with modern digital trends, and frustrate users with a bad experience.

What Do Customers Want on a Website?

Easy Use and Navigation

Clean and easy to navigate websites are very popular because they offer users the ability to easily search a site. People know what they are looking for; if they can’t find it, they won’t buy it. Traffic and patterns of users should be studied and adjustments made based on the findings. Most website design companies have maintenance packages and services they offer to monitor site traffic trends. If you are currently paying for website maintenance and don’t have this service, you need to make a change.

What Your Company Has to Offer

Some businesses are very vague on what they have to offer potential clients. You need to provide enough information about your products or services to entice people to contact you. If a person is unsure of what it is your company does, they are very likely to spend their money elsewhere.


A good review or testimonial is never a bad thing. Most businesses use them because they work. How many times do you read through reviews before buying a product? I do it all the time. This also keeps businesses in check with customer service and quality. The last thing you want is a lot of bad reviews on your website.

Great Mobile Design

Don’t build a website that only looks nice and functions well on desktop. With 56% of consumer web traffic coming from smart phones, a business needs a strong mobile presence.  A non-existent or clunky mobile website will also cause google to penalize your search results. SEO is huge for businesses and you don’t want to hurt your chances of customers finding you online.

A Layout they are Familiar With

Don’t go too crazy on a design trying to reinvent the wheel. Use a basic layout that will be familiar with your customers. This will help with the conversion rate of your website. People will be able to find what they need and complete tasks.

Who Should I Hire?

There are a lot of choices for getting a website created. Don’t let the “free” options fool you. There will always be some cost when building a website. Template sites are also very popular these days but they limit your options and make you look like everyone else.

A quality site takes time to build and has a cost. It’s like hiring a wedding photographer on your wedding day. Why spend the money when you have a friend with a DSLR that can take photos? Well, it’s your wedding day and there is an art to good wedding photos. You hire a professional because you want assurance that your wedding day is captured with the highest quality possible. The same goes for website design. There is an art to building a good website.

You don’t have to pay an outrageous amount of money for a good website. Some small businesses don’t have $50,000 to spend on a site design. You can get a very nice website created, priced in the $5,000-$12,000 range, that would be an impressive representation of your business. Don’t let these large companies take advantage of you.

Important Questions to Ask a Web Designer.

Will my website be fast?

Site speed is extremely important. It’s the biggest cause of a high bounce rate. Make them run a speed test for you once the the website is completed. Your site should load in 2 seconds or less. 79% of users who have trouble with site speed won’t return to that website.

Will my website be fast?

Google loves responsive websites so your web designer should too. A responsive site resizes for every screen. Be it a desktop, tablet, or phone, a responsive website will resize itself to look nice on each platform.

Will my website be fast?

Your designer should keep up with digital trends, and they should offer you a site design that represents your business in a positive wayClear information, interesting graphics/photos, and minimal use of informative video, are great options for website content. All content should be organized and streamlined for the user. A good website is easy to navigate and appealing to the eye.

Website Designers in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Sublime Media Group builds fast, responsive, SEO friendly websites, optimized for user experience. We keep up with digital trends and keep our clients informed about changes in the industry. You don’t need someone internally to update your website. We offer affordable maintenance packages that make running and updating a website extremely easy. We want you to focus on running your company. Our design team will build you a great website and help grow your business.

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