5 Tips to Starting a YouTube Channel

5 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel Blog Post Graphic with frustrated person on a computer.

1. Set a YouTube video posting schedule and stick to it

A consistent content schedule is important for the success of a YouTube channel. Posting regularly helps you build and maintain a loyal audience. If you are just starting out, try to post one new video a week. As your audience grows, you will learn the most effective days and times for posting new videos by looking at your channel analytics. 

Plan out your programming calendar for the first three months of your channel and stick to that schedule. If you start skipping content release days out of the gate, it may be difficult to consistently release videos. That’s a bad habit to fall into if you really want a successful YouTube channel.  

2. Your YouTube title is just as important as your tag strategy

YouTube’s algorithm chooses videos to show up in search based on multiple SEO factors, including your video title. Doing a keyword search on YouTube can show you how other similar successful videos are titled on the platform. 

Start your title with the keyword you would like to rank for, don’t use too many keywords in your title, and use a keyword finder tool like TubeBuddy to decide on the best keyword for your title. 

Your title length is also very important. After 70 characters YouTube will use an ellipsis and the rest of your title will not show. The best practice is to use a title under 70 characters in length. 

3. Creative thumbnails will help you standout

Best practices for creating your YouTube thumbnail is to use a shortened version of your title. That shortened version should be displayed with large words that are easy to read. You should also use bright contrasting colors to catch the attention of viewers. 

If a person is featured in your thumbnail, one technique you can use is to cut them out and add a white stroke around them. This is a common YouTube graphic style. It’s fun and effective.

4. Don't forget to tag your videos

Your tag strategy is also an important part of the success of your new YouTube channel. You can use a tag finder like VidIQ to learn how other successful videos have been tagged. VidIQ also allows you to follow how your videos rank for your tags on YouTube. Tagging a video properly will help it show up in popular YouTube search channels. 

5. Description text is an important part of SEO for your channel

There are a lot of videos on YouTube with blank description fields. They can be hard to find in search because they don’t show up as easily as videos with descriptions do.

When writing descriptions for your YouTube videos, be sure to write like a person, use specific keywords and use those keywords multiple time.  Adding links is also helpful for SEO. Be sure to front load the most important information about your video.  

YouTube is a long term game

Creating a YouTube channel in 2020 can be a daunting task. The platform is one of the most widely used and monetized on the internet. Your new YouTube channel may build an audience slowly, but stay the course. With YouTube, you need to be in it for the long game.

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