7 of the Best Tweets about Working in Social Media Marketing


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Social media marketing is fast-paced, demanding, and 24/7. It’s important for marketers to band together to tackle such a rapidly changing field. You’d think that social media professionals would spend minimal time on their personal socials after work. Lucky for us, many share their experiences on Twitter (and sometimes crack a joke or two). The best thoughts are found under the hashtag #MarketingTwitter, a community of marketing professionals, and a stellar source for industry knowledge.

Read on for 7 Tweets about working in social media marketing that industry professionals will relate to.

1. The notifications. 

@jsstansel, Freelance Social Media Manager, shared a fitting visual representation of the constant notifications one can expect from working in social media marketing (We’re looking at you, Facebook). Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the Do Not Disturb setting. 

2. So many screenshots. 

@jenncrim with Opry Entertainment Group struck a chord with many in the social media marketing sphere with her screenshots folder. If you work in social, this is your sign. Give your hard drive and your camera roll a well-deserved break and delete some of these!

3. A more fitting job title. 

Jam-packed content calendar got you down? We feel you. You have our support for this idea, @CardozaGab

4. With time comes wisdom. 

@mkobach, Director of Content Marketing at Fast, pokes fun at the demands of working in social. The older you get, the wiser you become, right? (and the more caffeine-dependent, we’ve found.)

5. Being your own cheerleader. 

@RKalland is fully justified, and we’ve all done it. Giving your brand account a share or two on your personal accounts is no shame.

6. Always something new to learn.  

@jenalyson, Director of PR & Social at John Deere, is a celebrated voice in the #MarketingTwitter community. However, Alyson admits she has a lot to learn, too.

7. Distractions at every turn. 

@_SydneeLogan has a tweet for the procrastinators. Just because we know how social media works does not mean we’re immune to its often-addictive design. Anyone with a TikTok can agree!

If you work in social media marketing or want to learn more about it, be sure to check out the accounts of these professionals and the #MarketingTwitter community. Twitter is a great place to connect in the social media industry and apply expert knowledge to your own day-to-day.

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