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Austin Albany, Creative Director at Sublime Media Group and Matt Plapp from Matt Plapp TV talking with 'putting yourself out there' text

Putting yourself out there by explaining what you do should be the first step of any marketing plan.

Putting yourself out there as a business owner or a marketer can be scary. We all read the comment sections on social media and people can be mean. They can also be super critical of your business, messaging, and even appearance. You can’t let internet trolls keep you from putting your business out there.

If you run a good business, you will find that most of your clients, customers, and friends will love learning more about your products and services. You may find that people who have been close friends with you for years really didn’t understand what it is you do for a living. A simple re-education about your job or business could lead to numerous sales from people who simply had no idea that’s that you did every day at work. 

People may have no idea what you do. It’s your job to educate them about your business.

Educating potential clients about your business is marketing at its core. One of the best ways to educate people in 2021 is with video. Recording yourself talking about products or services your business offers is an excellent way to engage audiences on social media. Demo a product or walk people through processes for services to show people what to expect when they hire you. When you run a business, you are an expert in your industry. Sharing your knowledge and expertise not only will help you build brand trust, but it will keep you top of mind for clients in the future. 

Marketing comes in may forms these days. Educating consumers with authentic video marketing is effective but it can be time consuming and confusing for business owners. Working with a content marketing agency, like Sublime Media Group, allows experts in marketing to produce and distribute your content so you can focus on what you do best. 

YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tic Tok, and Instagram are all social media platforms that have high engagement rates for video content. Each platform reaches different audiences and demographics of people, but most consumers favor multiple social media platforms. Even though reach is important, your marketing  must provide each person in your audience with as many impressions as possible to make sure your marketing message is received and remembered. Creating video content for multiple social media platforms is a great marketing strategy for all types of businesses.

It all starts with not being afraid to put yourself out there.

Hey, You Rollin? – Putting Yourself Out There with Austin Albany and Matt Plapp

Austin Albany is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sublime Media Group and in this episode of Hey, You Rollin?, he is joined by entrepreneur, marketer, and writer, Matt Plapp, to discuss the importance of putting yourself out there as a business. Hey, You Rollin? is a video series produced by Sublime Media Group in Bowling Green, KY where our team shares helpful marketing tips for your business. 

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