5 Versatile Videos for Your Marketing Needs

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It’s time to start a conversation about expanding your video marketing portfolio. Video is a powerful tactic to increase conversions, impact purchase decisions, and generate leads (Influencer Marketing Hub). It’s popular, compelling, and efficient. However, sometimes it’s hard to know what type of video content is best for your business.

We’re revealing 5 tried-and-true versatile video types that maximize your investment. 

1. 'Who We Are' Videos

Why tell a potential client what you offer when you can show them? The ‘Who We Are’ video captures the essence of your brand for a general audience. It’s the perfect way to tell your story. Our clients have used ‘Who We Are’ videos for social media, ad campaigns, websites, and other creative opportunities, like e-mail signatures. These videos are proven to spark conversations. 

M&L Electrical


BP Automotive

Hope Harbor

2. Service Videos

The right video content creates a digital brochure that lets customers explore everything you offer in one place. Service videos help potential customers see firsthand how your offerings can better their lives. Invest in content like this so customers feel confident in partnering with you.

Med Center Health

Car X "Point A to X"

3. Question and Answer

It’s important to produce content that serves both potential and current clients. Question and answer videos are a great opportunity to build your credibility and capture the attention of first-time visitors. 

You can approach a question and answer video in different ways. See below for two videos that answer common concerns using a formal tone. 

"What to Expect: Lipedema"

Crocker Law Firm:
"How Does a Contingency Fee Work?

Q&A videos can also be lighthearted and fun. Use these videos as an opportunity to show your audience who you are and feel a personal connection with you! 

Dr. Salameh’s Q&A videos allow his patients to get to know his personality and his passion for the work that he does. 

Dr. Salameh Q&A

4. Client Testimonials

Share your success stories! It’s a challenge to bring in new business without a prior relationship.  Letting a satisfied customer vouch for you builds your professional credibility and shows that you’re trustworthy. 

American Bank and Trust:
Alvaton Nursery & Landscape

Crocker Law Firm:
Betty Glenn

5. Recruiting Videos

Hiring in 2021 was hard. Hiring in 2022 will present similar challenges. How can you find employees who want to work for you and who will stick around?

The recruiting videos we create come in multiple formats and lengths, but have one thing in common: they put your best foot forward to find the perfect candidates. 

Bowling Green Municipal Utilities

Fruit of the Loom

Hopefully, this list has your gears turning on which type of video would show off your business best! Building out a portfolio of video content means you have high-quality, reusable content for your social media, website, and ad campaigns that captures your company better than words ever could. 

We’re ready to get creative with you. Contact us now to put the best of your business in the spotlight.


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