Trent Bedding’s New Website is Live!

Trent Bedding takes their web presence to new heights with a website by Sublime Media Group.

trentbedding.com is the latest Sublime Media Group website

We love our good friends at Trent Bedding. After the creation of Bowling Green sensation, Lil’ Trent, owner Trent Ranburger wanted a makeover for trentbedding.com. Our goal for this project was to build a fast loading, responsive website that would be very easy to navigate. We also wanted a user friendly destination for all of the content that Trent Bedding produces on a weekly basis. This website needed to be an extension of Trent Bedding’s massive social media presence.

The new site was launched in early December. The goal was to launch before Trent Bedding’s win a WKU Themed Bed promotion was rolled out by WKU Athletics. Mission accomplished. The promotion has currently been running for two weeks.

Great Images are so Important

Our good friend Josh Salley was hired to take photos for a magazine article that Trent and Lil’ Trent did an interview for. Sublime Media Group tagged along for the shoot to help with puppet poses and fun ideas. While Josh was at the store we also took photos for the new website. These amazing images took overall look and feel of the website to the next level.

Google fonts Fjalla One and Montserrat

We used two of our favorite google fonts for this website. Fjalla One and Montserrat are both great fonts. We wanted a pretty drastic contrast between the website headings and the menu links. Line height spacing was an aspect of the design that was changed a few times. The final line height is very easy to read and looks great on mobile and desktop.

Trentbedding.com is a website we are very proud of. Take a minute and give it a look see. Buy some sheets or something. You won’t regret it.

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