The Video Post-Production Process

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Post-production is the editing portion of the video production process. This is where footage is reviewed, colored, and edited together to create a story. For businesses, this is also where logos, graphics, and visual effects are added to appeal to consumers and sell a product or service. 

Audio and sound design is often a part of the post-production that is overlooked but absolutely shouldn’t be. Great sound on a video instantly upgrades the quality and overall viewer experience. A great voice-over, properly mixed levels, perfect music for the video message, and sound effects are all important elements for a video that are added in the post-production process. 

Without the post-production process, when creating a video you would simply have the RAW footage from your video shoot and nothing more. With each step of post-production, the story of your video is assembled and created. This very important element of the video production process often takes the most time. When compared to capturing RAW footage on a video shoot, post-production requires a different set of skills.

Below is the step-by-step process for post-production with a video project at Sublime Media Group.



During the editing process, our video editors will review all of the RAW footage that was captured on the video shoot. The editor will select the best takes from the talent. They will select the best B-roll (the secondary video footage shot outside of the primary that is used to bolster the story) footage for the video project. If an interview was shot, the editor will comb through the interview and piece together a story from the footage. In this step, all of the footage captured on the shoot will be assembled to tell your story. 


In order to make your video sound as good as it looks, our editor will mix your audio levels, remove any hums or background noises that can be taken out, add compression and a limiter to your audio tracks, and add music to the video. With this step, the sound will help bring out emotion and energy for audiences. 


Sublime Media Group has a talented team of visual effects artists that can add computer-generated visual effects to any video. This allows our video producers to achieve effects that aren’t always feasible on a video shoot. Let’s say you want a meteor to crash to earth or an explosion to be added to your video, these types of effects are often more cost-effective if achieved during the post-production process. If we shoot your project on a green screen, visual effects will be created for the environment that the subject is in. Visual effects allow you to be creative and the possibilities are endless.


Motion graphics are added to 99% of the projects we produce at Sublime Media Group. Motion Graphics can be in the form of an animated logo on the end tag of a video, animated text that highlights an offer, or an animated pie chart that displays a statistic for impact. Motion Graphics are interesting and fun to watch. They increase the production value of a video, help you explain complicated information in an eye-catching way, and retain your audience. 


The last step in Sublime Media Group’s post-production process is color grading. Our editor will go through each clip and adjust video coloring levels for consistency. This step helps to determine the mood of your video. A great color grade can take your project to the next level.

Post-production is a very important part of the video production process. There is an old saying that goes, “we’ll fix it in post.” Even though the Post-production process is often when you will correct a mistake from the video shoot, at Sublime Media Group, we want to enhance your video in post. Our goal is to make your project the best it can be. 

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