Project Feature: SKYCTC Level Up Social Media Campaign


Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College offers over 30 educational programs for every type of student.  Over the years, we’ve enjoyed working with SKYCTC to create video content for prospective students that shows off the best of the school’s programs and offerings. We’ve also had a blast managing and creating content for their TikTok channel! 

In one of our recent strategy meetings, the SKYCTC and SMG teams concluded that it was time to try something new for SKYCTC’s social media to target high school students and their parents. What type of content would interest Gen Z and get them excited to pursue higher education, while also engaging the generation of their parents? 

Then it hit us – classic video games. 

Chief Creative Officer Austin Albany got to work building custom animation for the campaign that looks clean, fresh, and modern, including timeless themed elements anyone will recognize.

SKYCTC Level Up – Nurse

In this video, a student starts with an undecided pathway, leaps over student debt, and levels up to a nursing career to achieve full success, as the video closes with a motion graphic of SKYCTC’s logo.

The team loved how this first video turned out, so it was time to Level Up with the next addition to the campaign!

SKYCTC Level Up – Mechanic

For this video, we wanted to show more of the transformation of our character from student, to graduate, to career professional. He now has to acquire skills, collect parts, build a car, and finally ends up with his own body shop, all while shining the spotlight on SKYCTC’s Automotive Technology program.

SKYCTC has been able to utilize this content for social media ads, their website, and television. We’ve also been able to repurpose it for their TikTok platform. When creating high-quality content like this, it’s key to focus on extending its life and expanding its reach to many different audiences.

We were so excited about the performance of SKY’s videos that we had to create some themed graphics, too!

The Level Up campaign has everything we love: a creative challenge, a mission that serves our community, and a theme we can get excited about. We’re so glad the SKYCTC team partnered with us and can’t wait to continue to build more characters and encourage young people to reach their full potential.

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