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Product Video Production Services in Bowling Green, KY

This Durabrand Video Smart Light video was a big undertaking. We produced it in September of 2016 for a Bowling Green, Kentucky company called Heathco. Filled with many challenges, our creative team worked countless hours perfecting the final product.

We filmed the burglary scene at a lovely home in Bowling Green. Our DJI Ronin came in handy for that shoot. We used it for walking shots and product shots of the light on the home. Instead of being limited with a jib, we decided having the mobility and freedom of the Ronin, was the way to go.

A Challenging Process

Shooting product shots can be challenging, but we got creative in our studio and ended up with some nice images. This video was shot with multiple cameras. In all our Canon C100 Mark II, Canon Mark III and a Canon 70D were used. This video was edited entirely in After Effects CC. In the end, the After Effects project contained over sixty compositions.

This video will be featured on the Home Depot’s website when you go to purchase the product. The light itself is pretty remarkable. The security it provides for your home or business is revolutionary for the price.

Director: Austin Albany
Writer: Joey Hayes
Producers: Austin Albany and Jon Doss
Camera: Jon Doss
Editor/Motion Graphics Artist: Austin Albany

Why is video important for selling products?

Product videos increase conversions.  People are better able to understand your product when they can see it being used.  Online shopping is fast and convenient. Sometimes, the anxiety of not being able to interact with a product, can cause consumers to be hesitant to add it to their shopping cart.  When you can’t be in the same room with the product you are purchasing, a marketing video or product video is the next best thing.

Google Favors Video

Google’s love for websites with video is common knowledge.  Yet, you will still find many Ecommerce sites without product videos.  This means, if your competition is not using video, your website will have a better chance of ranking higher than them.

Video Is Convenient

Everyone is busy.  Consumers also have a million different ways to occupy their time and attention.  Watching a one minute video is easier than reading product specs for ten minutes.  Plus, people are more inclined to click on a video and share it.

Video Is Growing

The time people spend watching videos on the internet continues to rise.  Captivating your potential clients with creative product videos will help increase sales on your website.  Rising tides raise all ships so ride the video wave as long as you can.

Video Informs Quickly

No medium conveys information quicker than video.  Your clients can learn about your products, the quickest way possible.  With video, you can also have an emotional impact.  Incredible stories and creative messages can engage people of all ages.  If the video makes them feel, subconsciously, they may feel the same way about your product.

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