On the Lime: Sublime Media Group’s Marketing Podcast


Fresh marketing tips, one slice at a time.

With the new year, we are excited to announce our new marketing podcast, On the Lime! Every other week, Will and Kayla interview local industry professionals, business owners, and other media personalities to bring you fresh marketing tips, one slice at a time.

In our first episode, we talked with YouTube creator and retro-game collector Nintendrew, who grew up in southern Kentucky, earned a degree in computer science, and started making video games. In between jobs, he realized that YouTube was a great avenue to express his creative side and passion for video games. Now, he has more than 250,000 subscribers and maintains an active community around his work.

Listen to Episode 1 of On the Lime to learn what it’s like to run a YouTube channel, how he grew his following in a few short years, and why a good thumbnail may very well be the most important aspect of a video on YouTube.

Want to learn more about On the Lime? Listen to our special introduction in Episode 0, where Kayla, Will, Jon, and Austin reveal a little more about their lives and what to expect in the podcast.

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