Motion Graphics/ Animation Production Services in Bowling Green, Kentucky


Motion Graphics And Animation Services

Sublime Media Group specializes in animated videos.  Let our amazing motion graphic artists take your next project to the next level.   Don’t worry about a video shoot, our team can build custom ads and videos from scratch.  Story telling through motion graphics can be memorable, informative and just plain fun to watch.  What are you waiting for?  Message us for a custom quote.

Andy Williams PAC “Celebrity Weekend Concerts”

A fun and informative season promo for Andy Williams Performing Arts Center, located in Branson, MO.  They are over seven hours away from us but that was no problem.  Sublime Media Group produced all of the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center commercials for 2016.

Animated in After Effects CC, all of the elements in this one minute season promo were designed by our creative team.

Warren RECC “Water Heater Rebate”

An infograph video with attitude.  What better way to get a message across?  We wanted this to be the most entertaining water heater video ever made.  Was it?  You decide.

We have very affordable rates for infograph production.  Our team will write and produce each video for you.  We take the stress out of the process.

Digiorno “Make The Right Call Sizzle”

A sizzle reel created for Nestle corporate, highlighting a digital Super Bowl campaign produced for Digiorno in 2016.

Our creative team used existing footage from Digiorno’s “Make the Right Call” campaign and motion graphics, to explain the success of this initiative.  We had a very short time frame to create this video but were very happy with the finished product.

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