Jerzees Adventures in Apparel Decorating


Web series video production for Jerzees.

JERZEES has been a leader in the apparel manufacturing business since 1984, delivering quality and everyday value. When Sublime Media Group was approached about producing a new web series for Jerzees, our team was ecstatic about the opportunity.  This docu-style web series takes an in-depth look at major screen printers all across the United States, starring Marshall Atkinson from Atkinson Consulting.  The goal of the series is to showcase printing techniques and talk “shop” with industry leading experts. 

Creative Director and Co-Founder of Sublime Media Group, Austin Albany, has been the main producer for this web series. San Diego, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia have been the first stops for this on-going adventure in apparel decorating. Filming at screen printing companies such as Rush Order Tees, LKWID, Stoked on Printing and Eagle Promotions has been a wonderful experience. Each company we’ve visited so far on this journey has been very impressive.

Austin’s 5 Video Production Travel Tips

1. Invest in a Pelican 1510 travel case. This is hardshell camera case that fits in the overhead compartment of a plane. We travel with two cameras, mics and multiple lenses for each Jerzees shoot.  They all fit in one Pelican case.  

2. Do not check lithium ion batteries.  They need to be pressurized and may bust if they fly under the plane.  

3. When you can, bring an extra of everything. SD Cards, mics, batteries… you never know when a piece of equipment may fail. You don’t want to ruin an expensive production because of faulty gear and no back up plan.  

4. If you fly Southwest or a different airline that offers something similar, pay for pre-boarding.  You don’t want to run into a situation where the overhead compartments are all full before you can find a place for your carry on gear.  

5. If you are only traveling for a day or two, keep DO NOT DISTURB on the door of your hotel room if you keep equipment in there. Most of the production gear I travel with won’t fit in a safe.  I don’t like someone coming in the clean the room when I’m not there.  This one may seem ridiculous, but I don’t risk it. You can always call the front desk for some extra towels.    

Adventures in Apparel Decorating Episode 1: Eagle Promotions

Enjoy the first episode of Adventures in Apparel Decorating with Marshall Atkinson.  Be sure to subscribe to the Jerzees Youtube Channel to see all of our future episodes.

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