IGA Groceries to Go Animation


In 2016, IGA launched an online shopping program, offering an e-commerce solution to meet shoppers’ needs. The online program became known as Groceries to Go.

Animation… yes, please!

Some of our favorite projects at Sublime Media Group don’t necessarily involve the use of a camera. Our team loves writing, designing and animating videos using just our imaginations and After Effects CC 2018. We also love hearing the phrase “have fun with it” from our clients. While producing this IGA Groceries to Go digital video, we did just that.

Digital Marketing with Animation

We packed a lot of fun and information into 15-seconds. Here is a breakdown of each scene and the thought we put into it.

The Working Man “Life is Hectic” Scene

Step One of the Groceries to Go process is to shop online. We decided to transition out of the Groceries to Go logo to a four-corner split screen scene, showing both desktop and mobile shopping scenarios. It never hurts to remind people they can shop on their phones. The biggest challenge with this section was the finger scrolling the smart phone. It took a lot of masking in After Effects to pull off that animation.

The “We Take Car of the Shopping” Scene

Steps Two and Three of the IGA Groceries to Go shopping process are highlighted in this scene. Animating the food items dropping the basket was a time consuming process. The items drop at different speeds, and their starting points all differ from where they end up residing in the group. This subtle effect was time consuming but added so much to the overall production value of the animation. The employees were brought to life with a mixture of masking, animating keyframes and using the puppet tool in After Effects. We also added blinking eyes.

The “Happy Customer Driving Away” Scene

The Groceries to Go animation ends with a happy customer driving away with a car full of conveniently purchased groceries. The skyline and road were created in After Effects using solids and came together nicely. As the car speeds away, we decided to have the website reveal and animate in larger from behind the car. This was another subtle effect that gives viewers a memorable way to remember the website, where they can find IGA’s Groceries to Go.

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