A Look Behind the Scenes: Guarantee Pest Control

Sublime Puppets

Sublime Puppets is back in action!

Sublime Media Group presents ‘A Look Behind the Scenes with Guarantee Pest Control.” Our creative team put together a very fun script for a new Guarantee Pest Control commercial. James Kemp built two beautiful Army Ant puppets and the concept focused around homeowners preventing a pest invasion. We specialize in puppet building and video services.

Take 2

Our 2nd episode of A Look Behind the Scenes with Sublime Media Group, highlights the logistics, fun and craziness that goes on behind the scenes at a Sublime Puppets video production. This is our 4th year of bringing pests to life for Guarantee Pest Control in Southern Kentucky.

“Today we are filming a new Guarantee Pest Control spot for Sublime Puppets which is really cool because it’s means I get to be involved, and David Hosay gets to be involved. Whom I love so dearly.

Perfect infiltration point, her majesty will be pleased. Uh… sir, sir! We have a problem, sir! Soldier, I drew up this mission plan myself… thus making the probability of a problem… extremely un-likely!

I’m David and I’m James. We’re with Sublime Puppets. We’re here to shoot the Guarantee Pest Control spot today. That’s right, sir! That’s right! haha. These are the cool little army ant puppets that I made, we had our friend Dave Hulteen design these. I’ve been working on these for a couple of weeks now. This is really fun because this is one of the few outside shoots that we’ve gotten to do.

I love all the little detail, the helmets. The inspiration for this character is any drill sergeant you would see in a cartoon or a movie.

And James what about you? Well, you know it’s a whole process… I labored over it for weeks in my house. I just thought, who is this person… who is he on the inside? What are his motivations? What does he want? What does NEED? So I came up with that SIR, YES, SIR!

We’re freaking out because Guarantee Pest is coming to spray and they are going to get rid of all of us. This has been James, and David, and this is Sublime Puppets.”

Puppet building and video services in Bowling Green, Kentucky

If you want to stand out with an original puppet character from Sublime Media Group, don’t wait any longer! Contact us today. Sublime Puppets will build you a beautiful original puppet character to brand your business or service. Sublime Media Group is South Central Kentucky’s premiere video service provider. Our creative team has worked with local, regional and national clients.

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