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2012 1st Place winner of the MOFILM Cannes Commercial Contest.


SMG Co-Founders Austin Albany and Jon Doss attended the 2012 Cannes Lions Marketing Festival to accept their MOFILM Award.

Adobe was looking for commercials themed after the tag line “Create Now”.  Jon Doss came up with the idea to create a commercial about a Save the Date video.  The twist was that the couple shoots, edits and posts the video from the park they filmed it in.  Austin and his wife Meghan, played the couple in the commercial.  They never thought it would win.  It did.  They went to France.

The Cannes contest was the first of many MOFILM’s contests that Jon and Austin would enter.  MOFILM grants and prize winnings were a huge help in getting Sublime Media Group off the ground.


This project will always have a special place in the hearts of Jon and Austin.