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Communicate with the most powerful medium in the world… video. Sublime Media Group has the resources and tools necessary to populate your website with videos that will inspire, educate, promote and elicit action. Boost SEO, reduce bounce rate and engage your social media audience with engaging authentic video.


Build your brand with a custom commercial campaign from our award winning production team. We keep it simple. From the creative process to engaging audiences with your message, we will provide your company with the best experience possible.  Our brilliant team of writers, directors, editors, animators and videographers are ready to take your project to the next level.


An oldie but goodie… testimonials are used because they work. What do people say about your product or service? Testimonials will answer that questions for new customers and clients. Good testimonials build trust, are relatable and substantiate your claims. Use positive feedback and great experiences to your benefit.  We will show you how.


Does your brand need more character?  How about one full of stuffing?  Our team of puppet directors, writers, builders and puppeteers can truly make your business stand out in the media world. We offer national quality puppet characters and video production.  From custom character design to amazing puppeteering and special effects, we can make an unforgettable video or commercial together. The face of your business could be an animal, monster, or alien. The possibilities are as big as your imagination, and we would love to make your dream become a reality.

Motion Graphics

We create informative, visually interesting animations from scratch. That’s right, our animation team will take a script and bring your message to life. Motion graphic videos are perfect for explaining a service or describing the functionality of a product. Viewers will learn exactly what your business has to offer in an easy to digest video. Communicate effectively with your audience with an info-graph video from Sublime Media Group.

Corporate Videos

Let our creative team inspire your company. Sublime Media Group makes corporate videos for business endeavors of all shapes and sizes. We produce engaging videos that will convey your company’s message in a relatable and compelling way. Let us help kickstart your next business initiative.

Motion Powerpoints

More and more companies have a need for informative, powerpoint style videos. Skip the presentation. Let a video do the work for you. We can transform your employee handbook into an interactive experience! Or explain a business initiative. Or sell an idea for you … all with the power of engaging video.


We love creating colorful, whimsical, unforgettable content. Animation will give your next project a unique feel. Bring a character to life and change your brand forever. One of our visual artists can take your vision and bring it to life.

Event Videos

Document your next event with videographers from Sublime Media Group. We capture weddings, corporate events, presentations, live performances and concerts. We capture memories. Visit to see one our beautiful wedding videos.

Promote your upcoming event with a custom commercial or promo. Our experienced producers know how to create engaging videos that will help fill the seats at your next big event. We have produced promos and commercials for concerts, plays, major sporting events, comedians, speakers, news stories, you name it. Let us help make your next even a success.